How to learn web design and development?

Web designs are powered by the back end

You’re going to come across the terms back end and front end as you are learning. Most beginners mix these up, so it’s important to know how they’re different. Research


Web design and development
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The back end is everything that runs behind the scenes in displaying a website. Websites reside on servers. When a user makes a request like navigating to a specific section of a website, the server takes this incoming information and in turn shoots out all of the HTML and other code so that it displays in the user’s browser correctly. Servers host the data a website requires to function.

Web developers who specialize in back-end development are often programmers who work in such languages as PHP, might use a Python framework like Django, write Java code, manage SQL databases, or use other languages or frameworks in making sure that servers, applications, and databases are all working together.

In becoming a web designer, you don’t need to go too deep in learning about what happens on the back end, but you should at least understand its purpose.

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